on 22th of may 2023 In an effort to enhance English language proficiency among school teachers, Tishik International University of Sulaimaniyah has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative offering a free English course to more than 70 educators from various schools. The program aims to equip teachers with the necessary language skills to deliver improved English education to their students.
The launch of this unique course comes as part of Tishik International University’s commitment to educational development and fostering a conducive learning environment within the region. By empowering teachers with enhanced English proficiency, the university seeks to improve the overall quality of English instruction provided to students.
The English course, specially designed for school teachers, will cover various aspects of the language, including grammar, vocabulary, speaking, reading, and writing. The curriculum will be delivered through a combination of interactive lectures, group activities, and practical exercises, ensuring participants receive comprehensive training and hands-on experience.