On May 22nd, 2023, Tishk International University-Sulaimani launched a significant initiative aimed at boosting English language skills among school educators. The university is offering a complimentary English course tailored for over 70 teachers from different schools, with the primary goal of empowering them to provide enhanced English instruction to their pupils.

This initiative stems from Tishk International University’s steadfast dedication to the progression of education and the creation of an optimal learning milieu in the region. By elevating the English competency of teachers, the university endeavours to elevate the standard of English education imparted to the students.

The English course will delve into various facets of the language, encompassing grammar, vocabulary, oral communication, reading, and composition. The instructional approach combines interactive lectures, collaborative group tasks, and hands-on exercises, ensuring that the attendees benefit from a holistic and immersive learning experience.