Dear Students,

A university education is a valuable asset, which can open doors to worlds of knowledge, enhance one’s awareness of the past, present and future, and provide career opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible. Often, it is the key to provide personal and professional growth.

Time passes quickly. University education is something like blinking your eyes then you will complete the course and come to certain phases in your life.

There are two things that people do not know their value. They are health and time. In order not to be sorry for the chances you may miss, remember the value of the time. While all these things are being gained, we should spend efforts to analyze events occurring in our country as well as abroad currently and think double our responsibilities for them. Do not forget to keep your local characteristics, customs and traditions while trying to learn global thinking and acting. In other words, while being a global on the one hand, do not forget your local values, traditions, culture, language and religion on the other hand.

The aim and goal of Tishk International is to be a leading university in the country and region in the areas of education, research and development and to provide high quality opportunities to individuals seeking knowledge and a brighter future.

Beloved students,

People from all parts of the Iraq and societies may visit our university. You may see them on the campus. Demonstrate your differences by your actions; welcome them; have a warm dialogue with them.

Your courses have paramount value. Therefore, pay attention to them within the scope of the school curriculum. These courses include very significant and practical information like what to do in your department, and what is meant by university in general. Definitely, you can get such information from the administrators and assistants anytime you like. But, it is important to learn at the beginning because it may supply you possibilities for your future.

Every single point you get in exams will be vital throughout your life. No matter where you go; you will be asked to submit these points called ‘transcript’. Thus, do your best to achieve and keep having the highest scores.

Besides learning a foreign language especially English is a need which leads to facilitate your steps to get a better job opportunity, try to learn more within the scope of the facilities of the campus. If you intend to do, both your time and facilities of the university will be convenient for it.

Never stop, because “no pain no gain” and “nothing is impossible.” Spend time to a lateral study (subspecialty). These studies will give you lots of benefits, priorities and privileges.

Get in touch with your lecturers any time, have a good relationship and warm dialogues with your supervisors. Ask any questions to them and learn how you can carry the planned work through.

Have good connection with your classmates and try to get good friendships. While making friendship, it is normal to be selective but in any condition welcome all. I mean that; learn how to get along with people coming from different backgrounds. At the same time, look out about addicted students to abusing things and never tolerate them and help your friends humanly possible and psychologically with such habits to give them up.

During your education, we would like to educate you as youth who have been directed to team work, and have critical thinking ability.

Administrators, academics and assistants are always open to you for all kinds of problems. The gates of Tishk International University will always be open to you in the same way all through your life.

Take part in extracurricular activities to be successful in accordance with your skills and area of interest. Spend your free time in these activities and get sophisticated.

Finally, I want you to know that the entire university community is here to support, sustain and encourage you to study at Tishk International University.

Dr. Dogan Ozdemir