Human Resources and Job Vacancies

Candidates wishing to apply for teaching or administrative position at Tishk International University are kindly requested to send CVs online  to the related electronic mail address given below. Also the applications can be done with a CV by visiting the university in person. Applications will be evaluated according to the needs in the current/prospective open academic or administrative positions in the units/departments of the university and applicants will be notified of the results in the shortest time possible.
The candidates can use the  CV sample from the link below for their applications:

Click for CV Samples below. CV is accepted only in English. Please send your CV to [email protected]Thanks for your interest.

What does the Human Resources Office do?

The office accepts the applications and forwards them to the related departments or units. If acceptance occurs, the office guides the employee for the employment processes.

What services does the Human Resources Office provide?

1- The office gives support for the local employees about the insurance system.

2- The office tracks the leave issues of the employees.

3- The office checks the validity and compatibility of the documents of the employees in accordance with the regulations of the government as well as the university.

4- The office keeps the personal files of the employees, asks for extra documents if required and makes necessary updates including promotions and disciplinary issues.

5- The office gives services in 4 languages; Kurdish, Turkish, English and Arabic. 

6- The office provides necessary information about the regulations of the university to prevent future incompatibilities.

7- The office makes announcements about the job vacancies


E-mail: [email protected]      Phone No: +964-772 766 12 12 | +964-751 016 46 56