Mr. Nizar Najim

Head of Quality Assurance Unit

Quality Assurance Unit

The aim of  the  Tishk International University’s  quality  assurance  policy  is  to  promote  the effectiveness of  its  core  activities of  learning,  teaching, and research performance.  Tishk International University Quality Assurance Unit generates and disseminates knowledge responsive to development needs of society through engagement in research, training and teaching.

 The Objectives of the Quality Assurance Unit

  • To monitor implementation of the University strategic plan
  • To develop Tishk International University Quality Assurance policy
  • To encourage self-assessment of teaching staff
  • To coordinate internal and external assessment of programmes and institution as a whole
  • To contribute to the achievement of the goals defined for the educational activities and the learning environment.
  • To reveal flaws and recognize the strong points of instruction and training.
  • To evaluate the quality assurance system periodically
  • To develop capacity: organize seminars, workshops and conferences
  • Preparation of check lists of procedures for performance evaluation
  • To keep stakeholders: staff and students well informed of evaluation results, efforts made and recommendations periodically
  • To monitor quality of facilities and resources
  • To administer and analyse results of teaching Portfolio Instruction
  • To support development of instructional technology
  • To provide orientation programs for newly recruited academic and non-academic staff
  • To carry out all other duties related to academic development assigned by the Vice-Chancellor
  • To monitor academic promotion process of academic staff
  • To support professional development of academic staff
  • To provide Quality Assurance activities to academic staff
  • To report Academic Research points of academic staff twice annually
  • To invite external reviewers to the university for evaluation of academic development
  • To ensure that Question Bank is delivered to students at least two weeks before final examinations

Quality Assurance contains the following subtitles:


General Outlook

Internal Seminars

Scientific Publications

Course Life

Teachers’ Portfolio

Academic Research Points


Academic Promotion

Only Proceeding

Sulimani Reporting Activity

Sulimani Tishk International _University_NUR_Ranking

Sulimani Tishk International university CAD Research Points1

Sulimani Tishk International university CAD Research Points2

Sulimani Tishk International university CAD Research Points3


Absentees Objection Process

Absentees Objection Instructions

Absentees Objection Process

Absentees Objection form

Examination Invigilating Process


Instructions for Students

Incident Report

Examination Invigilating Process

Final Exam Objection Process

Final Exam Objection Instructions

Final Exam Objection Process

Exam Objection form

Maintenance Process

Maintenance Instructions

Maintenance Request Form

Maintenance Process

Maintenance Acceptance Form

Meeting Process

Meeting Instructions

Meeting Process

University Council Meeting

Purchasing Process

Purchasing Process Instructions

Purchasing Process

Supply Request Form

Delivery Acceptance Form

Staff Employment Process

Staff Employment Process Instructions

Academic Staff Employment Process

Administrative Staff Employment Process

employment-application Form

Student Registration

University Registration Process

Examination Enterence Form

Department Registration Process

Event Organizing

Event Organizing Instructions

Event Organizing Form 

Event Organizing Process

Leave Request Process

Leave Request Process Instructions

Leave Request Form _Fillable

Leave Request Process

Absentees or Late Coming Defence

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

Corrective and Preventive Action Process

Report of Non-Conformance Form

Corrective and Preventive Action Process Instructions

Corrective and Preventive Action Process

Extra Lecture request 

Extra Lecture Process

Extra Course Process Instructions

Extra Lecture Request Form

New Project Request

New Project Request Form

New Project Request Process