The Computer Engineering and IT department at Tishk International University held an international workshop entitled “The Future of Artificial Intelligence” on Monday, February 06, 2023. At Tishk International University-Sulaimani.

The workshop began with a brief introduction to AI and its potential applications. The speakers then discussed the recent advancements in AI, and they focused on the role of AI in education, building smart cities, and improving healthcare services. However, concerns were raised about the impact of AI on the workforce, with fears about job displacement due to job automation.

The first session was “The Advancement of Artificial Intelligence”, presented by Mr. Mohammed L. Mawlawy, Lecturer in the Computer Engineering department at Tishk International University- Sulaimani.

The second session was “The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on future workflow”, presented by Mr. Peshawa Ahmad. Technical Manager in the Private Sector

The workshop ended with many discussions between the presenters and participants.