On June 18th and 19th, 2023, the Architectural Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering at Tishk International University-Sulaimani held the final discussions for the 2022-2023 thesis graduation projects. During these sessions, students exhibited a blend of creativity and pragmatism as they presented innovative designs. Eschewing the conventional path, students were empowered to select their own project themes. This liberty facilitated in-depth research and data collection, enabling students to tackle pressing challenges and proffer architectural resolutions. Their comprehensive approach did not merely prioritize function and aesthetics but also integrated crucial elements such as environmental considerations, cultural heritage, historical relevance, identity, and economic implications.

Guided by their dedicated supervisors, the students’ projects bore personal imprints, underscoring the significance of individual expression within the architectural domain. An panel of academics and practicing architects rigorously assessed these projects, bestowing critical insights and applauding the students’ exceptional endeavours.

Tishk International University commends its graduating batch for their exemplary thesis projects, which not only attest to their academic prowess but also their capacity to leverage design for societal betterment. These graduates, with their pragmatic approach and multifaceted consideration of vital parameters, have indeed showcased adept problem-solving and visionary creativity. Receiving accolades from a distinguished jury for their originality, practicality, and alignment with industry norms, these students stand poised for success. As they transition into their professional lives, the university remains optimistic about their potential to significantly influence the realms of architecture and design.