Dr. Sardar Sulaiman Shareef, a Lecturer at the Department of Architectural Engineering at Tishk International University-Sulaimani (TIU-S), has made a commendable contribution to the renowned book “The Centennial of Paulo Freire”. This publication, which stands as a pivotal piece on education reflecting the principles of Paulo Freire, has been brought out by the Routledge Publishing House, a member of the Taylor & France Group. The book has been issued under the banner of the Australasian Philosophy of Society Education.

Dr. Sardar’s insightful chapter titled ‘A Reconsideration of Architectural Education Based on Freire’s Ideas in Iraqi Kurdistan’ delves deep into the integration of Freire’s ideologies within the modern-day design studios of Architectural Engineering Departments. These departments are the epicenters for primary architectural education courses. Dr. Sardar’s chapter casts light on the overshadowing of student perspectives in some of these educational settings.

In recognition of Dr. Sardar Sulaiman Shareef’s significant contribution to this domain, Tishk International University-Sulaimani extend their heartfelt congratulations. The specifics of the book are found below:

Book name: “Paulo Freire Centennial” edited by Greg William Misiaszek, Lauren Ila Misiaszek

DOI: 10.4324/9781003413028

Link: https://www.routledge.com/Paulo-Freire-Centennial/Misiaszek-Misiaszek/p/book/9781032536644#googlePreviewContainer