The Civil Engineering Department at Tishk International University Sulaimani (TIUS) organized a scientific trip to Sharey Baban Project (also known as the 100 m Project), on the 19th of October, 2021.

The trip aimed to introduce the flexible pavement road construction procedure and to highlight the various engineering labors within the construction process.

The different stages of highway construction were explained, and students were exposed to the structures that are available in construction and part of the highway system such as culvers and overpasses. Students also learned the types of soil inspection tests that are required as the first step in construction planning and the importance of understanding the suitability of soil for proposed construction work. The team further explained how the design of the foundation is based primarily on the soil test report of the construction site, and briefly described the treatment process if the soil is found weak.

The trip was supervised by Mr. Shallaw and Mr. Adham and attended by the third-grade students from the Department of Civil Engineering at TIU.