On 08 February 2021, Tishk International University arranged an event (promotion event) for its lecturers.

The event aimed to support and encourage all lecturers and to recruit and retain high-quality lecturers, maximize their potential and reward them for effort, excellence, and innovation.

At the event, Dr. Idris Hadi, Head of the Board of Trustees certified three lecturers of our University from the Business and Management and Civil Engineering Departments.

  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Demir in the Business and Management department his academic title promoted from Lecturer to Assistant Professor Position
  • Dr. Taylan Budur finished his doctorate and got his Ph.D. degree
  • Mr. Ilham Ibrahim in the Civil Engineering department his academic title promoted from Assistant Lecturer to Lecturer

Academic promotion is one pathway that recognizes and rewards the diversity of talents of our lecturers and supports them in their careers.