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Scientific Trip to Goyzha Mountain in Sulaimani


Tishk International University, Faculty of Engineering, Architectural Engineering Department organized a scientific trip for first stage students to Goyzha Mountain in Sulaimani, on Wednesday, April 21st, 2021. In order to help build their imagination and discover more ideas, first-grade architectural students began sketching their designs and making compositions although they have not much knowledge of the design criteria. This step is essential to enhance student's creativity and allow them to visualize their ideas, which will eventually be developed into a larger project. The first project for them that involves function as one of the design criteria is “Rest Place [...]

Scientific Trip to Goyzha Mountain in Sulaimani2021-05-19T12:35:29+00:00

Scientific Trip to Harem Hospital and Aburynasan


On Thursday, March 4th, 2021, the Architectural Engineering Department of Tishk International University coordinated a scientific trip for 2nd year students to both; “Harem hospital” and “Aburynasan” residential project. The trip was aimed to give students a better understanding of the theory they are taught in class, and provide them a opportunity to observe the applied architectural concepts. Both projects used different types of structures: the first was a steel structure extension to the old existing building, and the other was a normal reinforced concrete beam & column structure. The visitation allowed the students to examine the construction details, such as [...]

Scientific Trip to Harem Hospital and Aburynasan2021-05-03T14:16:31+00:00

Final Presentation of 20x20x20 Cube Composition


The 1st grade students of the Architectural Engineering Department at Tishk International University presented their final work of “Cube Composition” on Wednesday March 10th, 2021. The project is a transition of 2D compositions to 3D compositions, which helps widen the imagination of students and strengthen their drawing skills. The presentation was crowning the efforts of working on the project, which was then evaluated it in terms of concept, design, and presentation quality by TIU lecturers. After evaluation, some of the projects were selected to partake in architecture department exhibitions.

Final Presentation of 20x20x20 Cube Composition2021-05-03T13:34:19+00:00

Appraising Architect’s Work In The Community


On April 12th, 2021, Tishk International University/ Sulaimanyah, Faculty of Engineering/ Architectural Engineering Department organized a national workshop titled ‘Appraising Architects Work in the Community’. The workshop aimed at understanding the main factors regarding apprising architect’s works in the market and the reasons behind architecture underestimation by the community in general. The evaluation was conducted in a scientific way by the professionals in the field, in order to be able to indicate solutions for this issue. Amongst this workshop, a chain of workshops was also conducted, in which each one shed light on one of the factors causing the problem. [...]

Appraising Architect’s Work In The Community2021-04-28T06:40:05+00:00

Residential Project-Final


On 25 Jan 2021 Tishik International University, Faculty of Engineering, Architectural Engineering Department, 4th grade students had final presentation of (Residential Project) Design. Residential project is the first project on urban scale, which is a neighborhood composed of residential units for different types of families and services according to their needs, such as schools, health care center, mosque, shops, parks and green areas. In this project students have designed one residential unite and then connecting all the unites together with a designed landscape and circulation paths. The presentation was supervised by Assist Prof. Dr. Nahith Al-Qemaqchi, Mr. Muhammad Rozhnamachi, and Mss. [...]

Residential Project-Final2021-03-03T07:18:41+00:00

Commercial Building Project-Final


On 25 Jan 2021 Tishik International University, Faculty of Engineering, Architectural Engineering Department, 3rd grade students had final presentation of (Commercial Building Project) Design. The project is the first high-rise building of its type during academic learning stages, which is composed of a base((Podium) and a tower. It is a multi-functional building with offices, shopping stores and multi-storey car parking, in which students learn complicated car circulation from. The projects of the students were evaluated by the teaching staff and the best ones among them were marked as (Hold) to be used in future exhibitions of the department. The presentation was [...]

Commercial Building Project-Final2021-02-17T10:49:45+00:00

Facing the Job Crisis among Engineers and Future Challenges Workshop


On 15 February 2021, Tishk International University, Sulaimani and Raparin University organized a workshop entitled “Facing the Job Crisis among Engineers and Future Challenges Workshop” at Tishk University Sulaimani campus. The purpose of this workshop was to gather experts and academicians to discuss problems related with the capacity of the skilled job candidates (HCD), problems faced on the construction sites, new trends that can be discovered in the job markets, job and study opportunities abroad and the outcome of the research (job crisis due to Covid-19) will be shared with the audience. The workshop started with a welcoming speech by vice president [...]

Facing the Job Crisis among Engineers and Future Challenges Workshop2021-02-22T09:31:34+00:00

Theory of Color Project-Final


On 9 Jan 2021, the 3rd stage students of Architectural Engineering Department in Tishk International University, have had their final Presentation under “Theory of Color” Course. Due to the nature of the project “being a pure art”, minimum restrictions and limits were applied, students were able to express their concepts and feelings freely to improve and strengthen their imagination, taking into consideration the color plan, which was a main theme in the presentation.

Theory of Color Project-Final2021-02-17T09:06:33+00:00

Villa Project-Final


On 25 Jan 2021 Tishik International University, Faculty of Engineering, Architectural Engineering Department, 2nd grade students had final presentation of Villa Project Design. During designing the project students has taken more design components and details, as this was a bigger project compared to the other projects they have had previously. The project had two different sites, inside Sulaymaniyah city and Sitak district, this made a variety among the projects and also gave the students opportunity to learn designing in different sites. The presentation was supervised by Prof.Dr. Hoshyar Qadir Rasul and Mr. Sarko Hassan Sleman who are lecturers at TIU. 

Villa Project-Final2021-02-22T09:08:46+00:00

Welcome Ceremony


On 11 February 2021, Tishk International University Sulaimani organized a “Welcome Ceremony” for First- Year “freshmen” students. The aim of the event was to introduce and welcome the freshmen students to our University. Strengthening the ties between the students and staff from the first day. First, Dr. Dogan Ozdemir, vice president of the University presented his speech and ensured that the students have made the right decision to choose Tishk International University Sulaimani. Then, Dr. Alpaslan Toker, Head of the ELT department continued on presenting and made an enjoyable time for the students. Tishk International University wishes a year full of [...]

Welcome Ceremony2021-02-16T06:33:34+00:00
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