On 17 December 2020, students and staff members of Tishk International University Sulaimani organized an event for celebrating Kurdistan Flag Day.

The aim of the event was to highly appreciate and introduce that day to the students.

Kurdistan Flag Day is celebrated annually on December 17 since 2009 when the parliament of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq passed a law to commemorate the Kurdistan Republic.

The Kurdistan Flag consists of four colors; the red color stands for the blood of martyrs, the green color stands for vitality and life, the white color stands for equality and peace, and the yellow one which is at the middle and is the sun, expresses the light of the people and the course of life.

In addition, charity club of the University organized a food fundraising activity in which its income is used for orphanage children.

Tishk International University Sulaimani also celebrates these types of activities every year.