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Charity Club Appreciation Ceremony


On May.25.2023 Tishk International University, Dean of Students, Charity Club has organized a ceremony honoring the students who participated in the charity club's recent activity, the ITEP/Food Festival. During the ceremony, appreciation certificates were presented to the students, that aimed to recognize the outstanding dedication and hard work of these students while inspiring them to continue their charitable endeavors and raise awareness about the profound impact of their efforts, along with expressing heartfelt appreciation for the students' dedication and emphasizing the importance of their contributions. Another aim of the ceremony was to discuss with the students about what should be [...]

Charity Club Appreciation Ceremony2023-05-29T12:57:39+00:00

Innovative Public Transportation E-System


The winner of the Computer and IT Category at the 7th ITEP Event was a joint project undertaken by Tishk International University Sulaimani (TIU-S) and Sulaymaniyah Polytechnic University (SPU) The project, titled "An Innovative AI Solution to enhance Fuzzy Public Transportation Network in Kurdistan Region" was a collaboration between the Computer Engineering department at TIU-S and the City Planning department at SPU. The project aimed to improve public transportation by using an advanced AI-based approach to integrate the existing bus network in cities. The new GPS-connected bus network system would minimize waiting time, predict arrival and destination times, show the [...]

Innovative Public Transportation E-System2023-05-25T13:58:50+00:00

Charity Club – Food Festival on ITEP 2023


On May.11.2023 Thursday, Tishk International university, Dean of Students, Charity Club has organized an event of food festival for charity purposes. ITEP is one of the most important days of the university during each academic year, in which projects of the students from each department will be exhibited and evaluated by some juries in order to identify and reward the winners in different categories. For this event lots of guests will be invited to the university from family and friends of the students and lots of academicians from different fields and expertise as well. So, charity club has organized a [...]

Charity Club – Food Festival on ITEP 20232023-09-02T19:25:47+00:00

Dean of student’s prepare special iftar for staff , staff family & students


Through Dean of Students' Activities, Special Ramadan Iftars Delight Staff, Families, and Students on May 21, 2023In the spirit of fostering community and celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, the Dean of Students at Tishik International University of Sulaymaniyah organized a series of special Iftars (breaking of the fast) that brought together staff, their families, and students for an unforgettable dining experience. The initiative aimed to promote inclusivity, harmony, and understanding among the diverse members of the institution. The Dean's office left no stone unturned in ensuring that everyone felt welcomed and cherished during these Ramadan dinners. With meticulous planning [...]

Dean of student’s prepare special iftar for staff , staff family & students2023-05-21T13:31:30+00:00

Ramadan corner


On April 4th, 2023 , In a spirit of inclusivity and cultural appreciation, the dean of students at a local university recently organized a special activity to welcome the holy month of Ramadan. A dedicated Ramadan corner was designed, complete with unique gifts, to foster a sense of community and celebration among more than 150 students, staff, and lecturers associated with the university. Over the course of three days leading up to the 4th of April, the dedicated team from the dean's office worked diligently to create a warm and inviting space, reflective of the essence of Ramadan. The corner [...]

Ramadan corner2023-09-02T19:26:23+00:00

Unforgettable Horse Riding Adventure: Dr. Ahmet’s Meticulously Organized Event


Under the meticulous organization of Associate Professor Dr. Ahmet, an exhilarating horse riding club event unfolded on March 18th. With paramount emphasis on safety and control, the participants were divided into two groups, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Dr. Ahmet's careful planning ensured a seamless experience for all involved. A highlight of the event was a memorable stop at a picturesque green area, where the participants were treated to a delightful picnic. Dr. Ahmet's thoughtful consideration provided a chance for the attendees to revel in the breathtaking views while enjoying the company of their magnificent [...]

Unforgettable Horse Riding Adventure: Dr. Ahmet’s Meticulously Organized Event2023-09-02T19:26:33+00:00

Photography Club


Students deanery of Tishk International University- Sulaimani has launched Photography club for the students and staffs , the has club has been supervised by Mr. Kewan Hama Tahir and Mrs. Lanya Ali, the course has been taught from professional Instructor which lasted 6 weeks , During the course both practical and theoretical parts has been applied. At the end of the course the participants has been certified by the instructor.

Photography Club2023-05-21T11:58:06+00:00

TIU Sulaimani won the Competition


On 17 May 2023, first-year students of Tishk International University Sulaimani branch participated in a mathematical competition at Halabja University. The aim of the competition was to promote a culture of academic excellence and encourages students to excel in their studies and provides a valuable opportunity for students to showcase their abilities and learn from each other. The competition ended with the victory of TIU Sulaimani and then prizes, and medals were distributed to the participants. Both universities agreed on such activities and much more of events to strengthen their scientific levels. [...]

TIU Sulaimani won the Competition2023-09-02T19:30:01+00:00

Visiting University of Halabja and Rasan Olive Oil


The business and management department of TIU-Slemania has organized a visit to Rasan Olive Oil Company and the University of Halabja on May 9, 2023. While the students experienced the activities of Rasan Olive Oil in Kurdistan, they visited the Department of International Trade of the University of Halabja. The head of the department, Dr. Ako M. Tofiq, has welcomed and given information about their department. TIU and Halabja University students had a combined class that both lecturers taught. A verbal agreement for future collaboration has concluded the program.

Visiting University of Halabja and Rasan Olive Oil2023-09-02T19:30:15+00:00

Scientific Trip to Grand Boulevard Project


Tishk International University's architectural engineering department arranged a site visit to the Grand Boulevard Project for the second-grade students on May 7, 2023. The visit's purpose was to give the students a chance to witness the building-construction process and learn more about the project's structure and design. The students had the opportunity to study the project with the aid of the engineers and their instructors, allowing them to learn more about the building and design processes.

Scientific Trip to Grand Boulevard Project2023-09-02T19:30:30+00:00
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