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Certification of Appreciation


Dr. Taylan, head of the Business and Management Department, paid a visit to some units on the Sulaimania Campus and expressed his thankfulness with a certificate. During the academic year 2021-2022, the Suliimania Business Department organized around 20 activities. Ms. Trifa Arif from Student Affairs, Mr. Kewan Hama from the IT department, and Mr. Muhammad Jamal from the maintenance department, in particular, contributed significantly to the success of these activities. Dr. Taylan has appreciated these units and wishes them continued success in the coming years.

Certification of Appreciation2022-06-05T20:14:53+00:00

Students of ELT at TIU Sulaimani Spent a Wonderful Day


ELT department students went for a daily trip to Kuna Masi on May 31, 2022 Tuesday. A group of students mostly consisting of second-year students, accompanied by lecturers, had a great time and enjoyed a day in nature. Collaboratively, they shared tasks and prepared meals and enjoyed food while engaging in a lively and vigorous conversation. Students, together with lecturers, passed their time playing some games of acting and guessing. After the meal, it was time for exploring the nature. Students jumped on ATVs and started to explore the area. They all loved this joyous ride and watched the sunset [...]

Students of ELT at TIU Sulaimani Spent a Wonderful Day2022-06-02T11:42:53+00:00

ELT Department Marked the End of Semester in a Style


ELT department organized a fantastic event to mark the end of 2021-2022 academic year. The students gathered on May 26, 2022, Thursday to participate in the event. Dr. Toker, accompanied by Mamostayan Kurdistan and Yusra, kindly attended the event. The event began with the slide show containing all the photos of the activities the students participated throughout the year. Students were highly surprised and happy to see their photos on display. This was followed by the award-giving ceremony. In this section, the awards were given in two categories: lecturer and student. The students felt extremely delighted to present awards to [...]

ELT Department Marked the End of Semester in a Style2022-06-02T11:44:09+00:00

ELT Department at TIU Sulaimani Organized a Workshop for Secondary School Teachers


ELT Department of TIU Sulaimani added another event to its series of scientific activities. The Department, led by Prof. Alpaslan Toker, arranged another National Workshop entitled “Paths to Self-Improvement” on May 29, 2022, Sunday at 13:00 p.m. to the teaching staff of U.S. Colleges Girls’ Secondary School at Sarchinar Quarter. The workshop aimed at motivating and stimulating the teaching staff to engage in activities or program that will contribute to their personal and professional development. Dr. Toker focused his presentation on some vital areas which teachers can foster the need to improve themselves such as classroom management, instructional planning, building [...]

ELT Department at TIU Sulaimani Organized a Workshop for Secondary School Teachers2022-06-02T08:00:05+00:00

ELT Department at TIU Sulaimani Organized a Workshop for Primary School Teachers


Department of English Language Teaching (ELT) at TIU Sulaimani organized a National Workshop entitled “Goal Setting for Teachers” on May 28, 2022, Saturday at 11: 20 am local time to the teaching staff of U.S. Colleges Primary School at Kani Kurda. The main objective of the Workshop was to inspire and motivate primary school teacher from diverse subjects to set and implement personal as well as professional short-time or long-term goals to improve their efficiency in the respective subjects they teach. Prof. Alpaslan Toker, Faculty Member and Head of ELT Department, based his presentation on four key areas of self-improvement [...]

ELT Department at TIU Sulaimani Organized a Workshop for Primary School Teachers2022-06-02T07:52:42+00:00

The 2nd International Workshop on “Technologies and Materials that Reshape the Construction Sector”


Civil Engineering Department of Tishk International University, Sulaimani, organized an international workshop on May 25th, 2022 entitled “Technologies and Materials that Reshape the Construction Sector” in partnership with Zeelamo Academy. The purpose of the workshop was to discuss the latest technologies used in the construction sector and additive materials that reshape the sector. Speakers in the workshop addressed the advancements in the construction sector and the latest technology and materials globally used in the sector and reshaped the industry. After welcoming the guests and participants, the head of Civil Engineering Department delivered a speech after which the sessions started. The [...]

The 2nd International Workshop on “Technologies and Materials that Reshape the Construction Sector”2022-05-29T09:23:46+00:00

Visiting Dahaty Sarmaya


On Wednesday, May 25, business TIU first grade students visited Dahaty Sarmaya Company to learn more about the company's operations and to witness how the company's workers collaborate to achieve the desired objectives. After meeting with the firm's manager, Mr. Azad, who is also a student in TIU's Business department, students noticed how successfully the company has been functioning in the Kurdistan area for the past 30 years. Furthermore, students were told that the company's performance is directly tied to employee and manager unity and respect. The event has been organized based on the theories that they learned in the [...]

Visiting Dahaty Sarmaya2022-05-26T10:56:18+00:00

The 6th Innovative Tishk Exhibition of Projects (ITEP) 2022


The 6th Innovative Tishk Exhibition of Projects (ITEP) of the academic year (2021-2022) was held on Thursday, May 19, 2022, by Tishk International University as an annual event to showcase the projects that students design during the academic year under the supervision of TIUS lecturers. The event was planned to inspire students and allow them to show their hard work to their family and friends. As a result, close family members and friends of the students were invited to the exhibition and a valuable Jury comprised of academic and professional architects evaluated the projects. The projects were categorised into five [...]

The 6th Innovative Tishk Exhibition of Projects (ITEP) 20222022-05-29T13:06:46+00:00

Scientific Trip to Goyzha Mountain


Tishk International University, Faculty of Engineering, Architectural Engineering Department organized a scientific trip for first stage students to Goyzha Mountain in Sulaimani on Sunday, May 15, 2022. In the architecture department, 1st-grade students start designing by making compositions without much of the design criteria to help them practice their imagination. Then, moderately, they will have projects on bigger scales. The first project for them that involves function as one of the design criteria is "Rest Place for Hikers" on a mountain with high levels and contour lines. With its mesmerizing nature, Goyzha mountain is one of the most appropriate sites [...]

Scientific Trip to Goyzha Mountain2022-05-24T07:36:26+00:00

Scientific Trip to Bakrajo


Tishk International University's Faculty of Engineering's Architecture Department planned a scientific trip to Bakrajo for 3rd-grade students on Saturday, May 7, 2022. Planning is the first and highest level of city planning, in which planners determine the many zones of the city, such as residential, commercial, historical, and so on. The design process then progresses to various stages, including Urban Planning, Architecture, Landscape, Interior, and Product Design. So, it is critical for architecture department students to study basic planning concepts, even if they do not go into great depth because it is crucial to understand how it works. The major [...]

Scientific Trip to Bakrajo2022-05-24T07:33:47+00:00
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