TIUS Hosts International Workshop on Navigation Technologies for the Visually Impaired People

In collaboration with the Computer Engineering Department and the Architecture Engineering Department, the Civil Engineering Department at Tishk International University-Sulaimani (TIUS), successfully held an International Workshop titled: Navigation Technologies for Visually Impaired People.

The workshop featured distinguished speakers Mr. Rebwar Rasul Aziz, MSc in Law, and Mr. Ahmed Al-Talabany, a PhD student from the University of Nottingham, UK. Mr. Rebwar, who is visually impaired, shared his firsthand experiences navigating urban environments, highlighting the challenges visually impaired individuals face. Mr. Ahmed delved into the latest advancements in navigation technologies specifically designed to improve the mobility and independence of people with visual impairments.

The workshop fostered a vibrant exchange of knowledge and collaboration among researchers, students, and professionals from various departments at TIU. Participants engaged in discussions emphasizing the transformative potential of technology in empowering individuals with visual impairments.