On Jun.3.2023 Saturday Tishk International University/Sulaymaniyah, Dean of Students, Charity Club in partnership with Horizon Relief has organised a remarkable activity to bring smiles to the faces of 45 children from low-income families in City Star by buying Eid Clothes for them, ensuring that the children were not only dressed in outfits of their own choice but also those perfectly tailored to their sizes.

This thoughtful endeavour, which aimed to demonstrate to students the impactful utilization of previously collected charitable funds, showcased the club’s commitment to fostering stronger connections within the community. By engaging with the children and allowing them to select their desired clothes, the activity provided an opportunity for students to develop personal and humane bonds with these kids.

The students were so happy to see that the clothes they selected brought immense happiness to the little ones and made this Eid truly memorable for them. It is through acts of kindness like these that we can create a brighter future for everyone.