Tishk International University, Sulaimani organizing a national virtual online workshop entitled “Facing the Job Crisis among Engineers and Future Challenges Workshop” in partnership with Raparin University.  The purpose of this workshop is to gather experts and academicians to discuss problems related with the capacity of the skilled job candidates (HCD), problems faced on the construction sites, new trends that can be discovered in the job markets, job and study opportunities abroad and the outcome of the research (job crisis due to Covid 19) will be shared with the audience.

The speakers of the workshop are;

  • Bakhtyar Kamal Talabany      Sulaimani Polytechnic University
  • Zana Jalal Tahir                       Colorado State University – USA
  • Hasty Shwan                             Co-founder and CEO of Geomount Inc. Canada.
  • Araz Ahmed Hamza                Raparin University
  • Brwa Ahmed                             TIU Sulaimani

The topics which are going to be discussed are mainly;

  • Features and characteristics of the desired professional job candidates in the market and industry.
  • Introducing the importance of pursuing a professional career in the USA, and the impact of such a career on individual and societal levels for the Kurdistan region.
  • New trends in the construction sector that can be discovered.
  • Job Crisis Due to Covid 19
  • The problems faced on the construction sites, specifically for the new graduates

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