English Language Prep School

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Mission of the Prep School

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The mission of the English Language Prep School is to provide the learners with a linguistic background in English so that they can cope with their departmental studies that are conducted in English, with its professional academic staff, technical equipment and interactive teaching materials and systems. Students stepping their first paces at Tishk International University are given three terms of English language preparation courses by the professional teachers if they are incapable of English Proficiency Exam. Students are provided with the highest level of English in company with the expert lecturers among whom best English teacher of the year certified exist. Depending on the interest and wish, students are given chance to continue their preparation courses in an English language spoken country. Besides English, the opportunity of Turkish learning is also offered to the students.

Shortly, Tishk International University Preparatory School provides English language education for the newly admitted students who have low or/and not proficient English level to study in their departments.

Aim and Objective

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The Aim of the Prep School is to advance the English knowledge and skills of the students newly admitted to undergraduate program, so they could be able to understand reading, writing, speaking, and expressing themselves in a written and oral way, to follow up with the lessons provided in English at Tishk International University.

Prep School makes students work on specific language areas in which improvement is required, such as speaking/listening, reading, writing, or integrated grammar and writing; prepares students for university-level work through tasks and activities that promote the practice of English in an academic environment.

Program and Curriculum

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  • The number of lessons in a week and academic calendar are decided by the Principal and Vice Principal of Prep School.
  • Prep School students are required to take a computer based proficiency test before the enrollment or provide the university with an authentic English certificate which is given by authorized language schools.
  • Students who get B1 or less than B1 in the proficiency test including writing, speaking and grammar and vocabulary test must attend the Prep. The reason beyond this test also, is to ensure that they start their language program at the correct entry level.
  • Education lasts till the second week of June and ends with the final exam. Unless students get intermediate grade (70pts over 100) in the final, education lasts for the student eight weeks more starting from August 23.
  • Exams and Tests
  • Achievement exam is applied once a term regarding the scope and aims of education in preparatory school.
  • Pop Quizzes are applied besides the achievement exam without the declaration of date.
  • Make-up exam is applied for the students whose excuse for not taking exam with right and valid reasons which is accepted by the board of Preparatory school.
  • Final Exam: Those students who have accomplished the attendance (50% of classes is obligatory), and have sufficient general average of the grades (70 % out of 100) will take the final exam.
  • Students who manage to attend final exam must get at least 70 out of 100 to be successful.
  • Achievement Grading and Assessment for General Performance and Final Exam

Grading is calculated as stated below:

  1. 40% of achievement exams.
  2. 20% of pop quizzes.
  3. 20% of portfolio assignments.
  4. 20% of teachers’ evaluation for lesson performance and fulfilling homework.

The passing grade is calculated as 70% of General Performance of the whole course and 30% of the final exam. Students who couldn’t get over 70% in the general performance and less than 50% in the final exam will take an intensive course up to two months in summer term.

Events & Activities

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Tishk International  University prep school deems extracurricular activities as an inseparable part of university education. This is because extracurricular activities contribute to students’ individual, cultural, and social development and enable them to prepare for life in and after university.

The university/Prep School seeks to create an environment under the umbrella of Clubs that helps students to involve in activities in their own areas of interest, learn how to share, make their own decisions, and develop effective study habits by taking responsibility for others through these extracurricular activities.