Mission & Vision

The purpose of the program is to graduate competent teachers who possess a qualified knowledge of contemporary issues in the field of English Language Education, as well as the skills required for language teaching and who are prepared to make scientific contributions at national and international levels in the field of English language teaching. We value and therefore encourage our students to be committed to their studies, problem-solvers, competent teachers and motivated life-long learners, who have a theoretical and practical approach to the English Language Teaching Discipline. We aim to provide the learning environment that will support the development of 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, technology literacy, flexibility, social skills, and productivity to make our graduates compatible for the job market. Lectures and seminars contains practical examples and teaching sessions are the key elements in the program curriculum. As a result of this approach to learning, the program in particular uses teaching, learning and assessment approaches such as project work, group work, case studies, poster presentations, micro-teaching, thesis writing in the design and delivery of the curriculum.