E-learning Policy – Students Side

Important points:
– E-learning period will start on October, 2020 and will be finalized according to new
academic calendar which will be approved by University council.
– The student will be able to reach the content of all the courses opened for his/her
grade, but he/she will be only assessed for the courses that he/she registered for
in the PIS System.
– Taking E-learning education is compulsory. If the student didn’t attend the Elearning lessons, he/she will be considered failed in the course and he/she has to
re-take the course again in the following terms.
– All the results of the student’s assessment will be entered to SIS System (Student
Information System).
– All the policies and regulations stated in the Student Handbook are applied for the
E-Learning Educating additionally to this policy and any other related policies that
may be issued in the future.

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