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Final Presentation of Graduation Projects 2020 – 2021


The 5th-grade students’ graduation projects of the Architectural Engineering Department at Tishk International University were presented on June 23rd, 2021.The projects were reviewed by jury members that consisted of academicians from TIU, Sulaimani, Koya University, Cihan University, Sulaimani University, and Sulaimani Polytechnic University. Each group of students had an opportunity to present their work and discuss the project with the jury members, who assessed and evaluated the students' work and presentations accordingly. Many important aspects were discussed with the students including the environment, culture, history, identity, lifestyle, economy, and regulations. The students defended their projects well and proved their diligence to [...]

Final Presentation of Graduation Projects 2020 – 20212021-09-12T14:27:58+00:00

Maternity Hospital Project – Final Presentation


The 4th-grade students of the Architectural Engineering Department at Tishk International University – Sulaimani delivered their final presentation of the Maternity Hospital Project Design, on Thursday, June 24th, 2021.The project is the 5th design under the Architecture Design Course, in which students learn how to connect different zones of a major building. The designed healthcare facility consists of 200 beds, an emergency unit, operations division, CCU, and ICU units. 

Maternity Hospital Project – Final Presentation2021-09-12T18:38:48+00:00

Grand Mosque Project – Final Presentation


The 3rd-grade students of the Architectural Engineering Department at Tishk International University delivered the final presentation of the Grand Mosque Project on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021.This project is symbolic and represents the identity, culture, and religion of Kurdistan. It was a great opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge of Islamic Architecture and discover the mysteries of ancient architectonics.  The project represented a comprehensive construction design consisting of a Prayer Hall, Multi-Purpose Hall, Educational Space, Exhibition Areas, and a Central Courtyard for worshippers to enjoy enclosed outdoor gatherings. 

Grand Mosque Project – Final Presentation2021-09-14T13:09:55+00:00

Primary School Project – Final Presentation


The 2nd-grade students of the Architectural Engineering Department at Tishk International University – Sulaimani demonstrated their final presentation of the Primary School Project Design on June 22nd, 2021.The development of this project was a new experience for 2nd-grade students and provided a great opportunity for them to design a complex architectural model, consisting of 18 classrooms, labs, a multi-purpose hall, sports halls, and administration facilities. In this stage, students are urged to apply function and form skills, aiming to enhance their understanding of Architectural Design.  

Primary School Project – Final Presentation2021-09-15T10:12:05+00:00

Architect’s Studio Project – Final Presentation


On June 29th, 2021, first-stage students of the Architectural Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering, TIU, presented the final design of their Architect Studio Design Project. The aim of this project is to allow first-year students to apply the basic architectural theories they have learned throughout the year and to prepare them for larger and more complex projects they must design in the senior stages of the program. The most important aspects that students developed in this project are the Stages of Project Development Design and the Process of Design, which students practically experimented. Also, since students were unfamiliar with this assignment [...]

Architect’s Studio Project – Final Presentation2021-09-15T11:22:41+00:00



The Civil Engineering Department at Tishk International University Sulaimani organized the 4th Earthquake Resistant Building Competition on April 26th,2021. The event was held in TIU Sulaimani, in the conference hall, and eight groups consisting of 3 students each participated in the competition. The aim of Earthquake Resistant Building Design Competition was to offer an opportunity to the civil engineering students to work in high rise building and modeling, and function on the different building stages. Also, the event intended to introduce the profession of earthquake engineering and to encourage students to explore these fields for career development and academic specializations. The [...]


Scientific Trip to Sulaimani Grand Mosque and Shekh Ahmad Mosque


A scientific trip to (The Grand Mosque in Sulaimani) was organized by the Architectural Engineering Department of Tishk International University on Tuesday, February 16th, 2021. The department coordinated this visitation for 3rd grade students, to help them understand some of their academic courses through perception and observation, and allow the future engineers to gain a clear insight of the applied work of architectures. Architectural Design is a core course in the Architecture Engineering Department, and visiting such buildings helps students to widen their imagination and acquire better understanding of the projects. For this reason, the trip aimed to enable students to [...]

Scientific Trip to Sulaimani Grand Mosque and Shekh Ahmad Mosque2021-05-03T13:33:07+00:00

Dukan Dam Visit


On 9th March 2021, Civil Engineering Department at Tishk International University (TIU) organized a scientific trip to Dukan Dam, which is known to be the most famous dam in the region. The trip aimed to show and explain the structure of the Dam to students.The participants were supervised by Mr. Kaywan Othman and Mr. Salam. The trip started with a brief explanation of the dam history, covering the date of starting the construction, different stages of the construction, materials used, methods of construction, and the period of completion. The students were then given the chance to see the inside of the [...]

Dukan Dam Visit2021-04-21T11:08:28+00:00

International Women’s Day


The Dean of Students of TIUS arranged a special event on March 10th, 2021, in correspondence to International Women’s Day, in aim to celebrate the significance of this day, and highlight the importance of women in society.First, Mrs. Shokhan Hama Rashid Ahmed, Director of WOLA Organization, presented a speech entitled “Violence based on gender; causes and effects on society”, which explained the types of violence that women face in society. The speech was followed by a discussion presented by Mrs. Srusht Raouf Amin, who also talked about Women Empowerment and the history of it. In addition, Prof. Dr. Alpaslan Toker, Dean [...]

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International Online Workshop on Consequences of COVID 19 on SME’s: Strategies for Survival


On 04 March 2021, Tishk International University Sulaimani branch organized an Online Workshop entitled “International Online Workshop on Consequences of COVID 19 on SME’s: Strategies for Survival” in partnership with University of Sulaimaniyah.  The purpose of this online workshop was to gather experts and academicians all around the world to discuss the consequences of COVID 19 pandemic on the small and medium enterprises. However, it was also aimed to show some opportunities and threats to them along with the suggestions for survival. There have been more than 250 registrants to the workshop from about 40 countries. The workshop started with [...]

International Online Workshop on Consequences of COVID 19 on SME’s: Strategies for Survival2021-04-21T11:15:46+00:00
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