International Relations & Diplomacy (IR&D) is one of the four departments in the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics, together with the Business&Management, Banking&Finance, and Accounting. The department offers four year undergraduate study programme for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in the International Relations and Diplomacy with a unique opportunities. Department of IR&D offers qualifications of general knowledge in politics and diplomacy, and having diplomatic skills in the study of peace, security, negotiation, international law, mediation, and reconciliation with the wide range of undergraduate research. Our aim is to prepare and graduate the students who have capacity to perform in any administration for local and foreign private or public sectors. Department gives the analytical thinking to the students as well as technical skills in political and diplomatic concepts with all dimensions. Apart from the education, department provides the student to spent time in extra-curricular activities and departmental visit to the sector with faculty members who are dedicated in serving the students. The teaching method and curriculum of the department are associated with practice-oriented.