Dear Students,

Today’s engineers play an increasingly important role in the future of our country and the world. The world today is a much better place to develop one’s potential. One is not limited by choice or technology, but only by the power of one’s imagination.

The Faculty of Engineering is uniquely positioned to educate the technological leaders of tomorrow. Our goal is to position our engineering graduates to be problem solvers, project leaders, communicators, and ethical citizens of a global community. In the Faculty of Engineering, we are engineering our future, a community of creative problem-solvers devoted to issues in sustainability, energy, health care and the environment. To achieve this goal, we are renewing our commitment to excellence through strategic focus on three key engineering enterprises: research, education and entrepreneurship. We plan to increase the college’s global reach, diversity and engagement with alumni and the community.

Because of our continuing dedication to innovations in engineering education and research, we offer our students a rich educational experience, an experience that bonds intellectual rigour and cross-disciplinary breadth in an intimate, student-centred environment. As one of the fastest rising engineering programs in Iraq, the Faculty of Engineering looks to the future with a tremendous sense of optimism and anticipation to advance even further.

I invite you to become better acquainted with the Faculty of Engineering, where you will discover not only engineering excellence, but also a campus alive with round-the-clock cultural, artistic, and intellectual activity.

Dr. Khaled Wooral.