On June 5th, 2021, Civil Engineering Department at Tishk International University Sulaimani (TIU) organized a scientific trip to Aso Brick Factory which is one of the important factories for brick manufacturing in the area. The Trip aimed to introduce the students’ different stages of brick manufacturing and usage off different types of bricks and their purposes during construction.

 The trip was supervised by Mr. Zhir Fouad. During the Trip different Stages of brick manufacturing have been explained. Type of the soil and different tests that have been applied on the soil to be used in brick manufacturing was also mentioned. At the end of the trip the students were visited the factory laboratory for getting enough idea regarding the most important tests that are done for ensuring the quality of the bricks so as the bricks can serve the construction industry needs. The trip was attended by the First-grade students from Civil Engineering Department at TIU Sulaimani.