On October 23rd, 2021, Tishk International University, Faculty of Engineering, Architectural Engineering Department has organized a scientific trip for third grade students to “Family Mall”.

As the students are going to design a Commercial Center project, they needed to see some existing similar projects in order to get familiar with the components and elements of the project that they are going to design. In the trip students were guided to see some important features of the mall such as, the Main Entrance with its wide and open lobby which is a very important element of modern commercial centers as it provides a gathering area for the customers as well as a clear vision of all shops thorough all the levels, that will make trading easier for them. Another important element, that students got to see, was the car parking, which because of the load of visitors mostly needs to be multi-story car parking, so circulation of the cars, vertically and horizontally, needs to be taken in consideration. After that, systems of mechanical services were clarified for the students, which consists of some services such as, Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Lighting, Fire Fighting…etc,