On Jun 18&19.2023 Tishk International University Sulaimany, Faculty of Engineering, Architectural Engineering Department had final discussion of the 2022-2023 thesis graduation projects, where architecture students demonstrated their creativity and realism in designing innovative projects. Departing from the traditional approach, students were encouraged to choose their own project topics, enabling them to conduct extensive research and gather data to address major issues and propose architectural solutions. This holistic process considered not only function and form but also encompassed factors like the environment, culture, history, identity, and economy. Under the guidance of their supervisors, students showcased their personalities and added personal touches to their designs, reflecting the essential aspect of individuality in architecture. The projects were evaluated by a panel of academicians and architects, providing valuable feedback and recognition for the students’ exceptional work.

The University recognizes the graduating students for their remarkable thesis projects, demonstrating their proficiency and their ability to contribute to societal improvement through design. By embracing a realistic approach and considering various significant factors, the students showcased their problem-solving skills and innovative thinking. Their projects, evaluated by a distinguished jury, received praise for their creativity, feasibility, and adherence to industry standards. The University looks forward to witnessing the continued success of these talented individuals as they embark on their professional careers, confident in their potential to shape the future of architecture and design.