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Our vision is to be the top provider of highly qualified, skilled graduates to international employers, the Kurdish Regional Government and the Federal Government of Iraq.

The mission of the International Relations and Diplomacy B.A. degree pogrom is to prepare students for future careers in the field of international affairs, diplomacy, government and civil society. This will be achieved by providing high quality education and training on fundamental principles, institutions and practice in related fields of international relations and diplomacy.

·         Graduates will be competent in related areas of politics, international relations and diplomacy

·         Graduates will have the ability to define the major trends of national, regional and global politics

·         Graduates will be prepared to peruse their future career in the labor market in their related area of study.

·         Graduates will be able to conduct scientific research and investigation in their field of study

·         Graduates will have the ability to employ timely analytical, negotiation and diplomatic skills required for pursuing a successful career in the related areas of diplomacy and consular services.

By the end of this program, graduates will be able to:

1.      Demonstrate critical thinking and academic debate in their field of study

2.      Apply fundamental principles and approaches in international relations and diplomacy

3.      Discuss the historical development in political sciences

4.      Critically analyze current trends in national and international politics

5.      Apply the principles of national constitutions/law and international law

6.      Demonstrate effective leadership skills in their future career

7.      Communicate effectively and work collaboratively within the context of a global society.

8.      Demonstrate essential diplomatic, negotiation, mediation knowledge and skills tied with effective problem-solving skills.

9.      Demonstrate project management knowledge and skills especially in the areas of public service and humanitarian intervention.

10.     Produce researches in the field of international relations and diplomacy as well as the other related fields of social sciences.

  • The study of our discipline-based on subject benchmark statements developed by IRD Department of Tishk International University
  • Department focuses on giving training as workshops on Political Round Table Discussion, Diplomatic Correspondence, Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation
  • Inclusion of ethics and values in all IR, Diplomacy, and Political Sciences related courses
  • Inviting guest lecturers and experts from the related fields to provide invaluable experience and knowledge on
  • Increasing the number of collaborated IR events in a diverse-societies
  • Organize regular seminars, talks, and workshops on current, previous, and further prospective issues of IR and Diplomacy across the world
  • Create an online platform to share their ideas across partner universities and student societies
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of different political systems, the nature and distribution of power in them; the social, economic, historical and cultural contexts within which they operate, and the relationships between them

Student perspectives

  • Provide the transferrable skills to students including:
  • the ability to research, source and examine information thoroughly;
  • the capacity to critically analyze evidence and construct coherent arguments;
  • excellent written and oratory skills;
  • intellectual independence and autonomy;
  • team working skills;
  • a flexible and open-minded approach to work.
  • Motivate students to participate and organize academic, social, and cultural activities
  • Involve students in joining a society and particularly taking on a role of responsibility can impress future employers and also enhance employability skills such as – team working, negotiation, event management, controlling budgets, leadership etc.
  • Bringing together alumni and current students to facilitate networking, enable informal mentoring, provide industry discussion groups, and enable graduates and students to stay up to date with their student societies.
  • Involve students in making strategic and career plans related to students and their future
  • Motivate students in participating in student elections to elect their representative

Operational perspectives

  • Provide necessary and main tools for the student to adopt them into the current curriculum
  • Taking measures to reduce student and lecturer absenteeism
  • Organizing field visits to broaden students’ wisdom and sectorial experiences as well as understanding the nature and significance of politics
  • Organize exams effectively by maintaining international standards
  • Organize student traffic on their needs effectively by having strong communication system
  • Establish various student clubs within the department for their own learning self-critically and self-organization
  • Make collaboration with others to achieve common goals
  • Identify, investigate, analyze, formulate and advocate solutions to problems on courses and curriculum

Research Perspectives

  • Organize student conference, congress, seminar, or talks every year
  • Encourage students to do research related to their interest
  • Encourage students to participate in national and international conferences to get research exposure
  • Involve students in university research projects and international projects by providing special budget
  • Encourage students to be part of Global Student Association and Network for quicker and more productive researches
  • Motivate students to apply concepts, theories and methods to analyzing political ideas, institutions and practices
  • Open a further study, or work and study, often choosing to specialize in a particular subject or broaden their opportunities in order to move into careers in research and work area.

As the name would suggest, at Tishk International University we are committed to providing our students with an international-standard education.  This is particularly emphasised in the International Relations and Diplomacy Department, where our focus is on producing top-quality graduates capable of working representing their country’s interests in a competitive, international environment.  In addition to the academic opportunities offered at TIU, students are also expected to complete an internship in a government department or local, national or multinational NGO such as Save The Children or UNAMI.  This provides them with first-hand experience of a multi-cultural working environment with opportunities to build relationships with prospective future employers in the KRI and abroad.  It also equips them with relevant professional skills and experience to increase their future employment prospects.

International Relations & Diplomacy Department

Welcome to the International Relations and Diplomacy Department (IRD) at Tishk International University (TIU).  We are proud to offer a diverse curriculum of study aligned with some of the top universities in Europe and North America.  Our focus is on providing the best quality of teaching and subject matter expertise to our students. In addition to a broad curriculum (taught in English), we also provide staff from a variety of different countries with international experience.  Many members of our staff have previously worked for multi-national organisations in other countries or for the Kurdish Regional Government.

We supplement our taught curriculum with seminars and workshops on hot topics and current events in International Relations.  With guest speakers from local and national NGOs as well as foreign consular officials and academics in the KRI, we offer our students a broad, interactive experience.

In addition to the core content taught in our department, we also aim to improve the ‘soft skills’ of our students such as critical thinking and analysis, research and presentation skills.  The combination of a well-designed curriculum and our focus on academic rigour means that we produce highly qualified graduates, well prepared for the next stage in their academic or professional life.


TIU University is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally.

  • International focus – our students come from across the globe
  • Residential courses – we encourage learning and growth

  • People not profits – education is a right not a privilege

If you prefer to study in your own time and at your own speed then one of our e-learning packages may be right up your street.

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