On 01 Dec 2021, Tishk International University Sulaimani – in cooperation with Cihan University – sulaimani organized a workshop entitled “Examination and Classification of Damaged Structures, and the Methods of their Solution”. The main purpose behind it was to introduce different techniques and methods used to rehabilitate the structural and architectural damages, to show the typical material diagnostic examinations namely, corrosion analysis, strength analysis, and the best methods used for strengthening and  sharing the results of experiment of strengthening for concrete by steel tube member technology. The workshop took place in Cihan University – Sulaimani.

The workshop consisted of two sessions:

The first session consisted of series of seminars Presented by both Asst. Lecturer Mr. Dyari B. Hussein from Department of Architecture at Cihan University and Asst. Lecturer Mr. Kamaran S. Abdullah from Department of Civil Engineering at TIU.

The second session consisted of Spaghetti Bridge Competition in which students from Civil Engineering Department at TIUS and department of Architecture at Cihan University have prepared bridges from spaghetti in groups. At the end of the competition students whose bridges took first, second and third places have been awarded.