The distinguished ability is to provide a world compromises the different approaches from the academic excellence, research, education under the IRD Department in where a place to be a leader as a professional institution for IR, politics, global studies, peace and security studies, and diplomacy in the region as well as world by raising lettered individuals with universal ethical values.


The mission of the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy is to have university graduates with:

(a) The best expert in reconciliation

(b) The best skills to asses diplomatic initiatives with diplomatic methods and

(c) A strong belief for world peace with humanitarian commitment, and

(d) An applicable global values with the understandings of International Relations.

The department aims to raise well-prepared, productive, and competent individuals with a research-oriented sense, who possess professionalism in the fields of government, state, politics, law, economics, global order, reconciliation, diplomacy, and humanitarian work to the realities of the country and the world.