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[tab]  İlham İbrahim 

Born in 1988, Sulaimani / Kurdistan/Iraq[/tab]

[tab]   Head of Civil Engineering Department    Head of Protocol Office [/tab]
[tab] Civil Engineering[/tab][tab] Msc  

Civil structure and infrastructure engineering, Fatih University / Istanbul / Turkey 2013-2014


Building construction (civil) engineering,Sulaimani University / Sulaimani / Iraq 2010-2011

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Head’s Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you for Civil Engineering Department.

Our department as it is explained from our vision, tries to become a leading Civil Engineering Department in the region and the country as a whole.

For this reason at the first we want to be represented by our qualified and talented graduates in the community. In order to get to this point we provide our students with the best of technologies, theoretical and practical backgrounds beside with the best and professional instructors that are eager to spread what they have for their students.

For practical background we provide different laboratories from which the students can imagine and simulate the real life structures. Our graduates will be prepared for both the contemporary demands they will face when they enter the profession, as well as the technological challenges the need address in the future.

At last as a student in our Department you will gain the necessary skills that will put you in the right track to become a Professional and ethical Civil Engineer.


Head of Civil Engineering Department