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[tab] Mustafa Mukhlis 

Born in 1987, Erbil/Iraq

 [/tab][tab] Head of Architecture Engineering department[/tab]
[tab] Architecture [/tab]

Housing in Erbil – Graduate school of natural and applied sciences-bahcesehir university, istanbul, Turkey, 2013-2015

Architecture Engineering (Faculty of engineering), Salahaddin University, Erbil-Iraq, 2006-2011


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Explore the world of Architecture!

Architecture is manifestation of civilization in the built environment, in the light of this we aim to design our academic program so as to educate architects whom their designs embody both regional and local values, traditions, culture as well as global and contemporary styles in Architecture.

Architects design buildings, open areas, communities, supervise construction work and examine, restore or remodel existing buildings. So architects are the ones who are responsible the most of shaping our cities and living environment. That is why we consider it a moral responsibility to generate a learning atmosphere in which the students can develop themselves both academically and socially.

If any of the above inspires you and matches your specific interest, Architecture is the discipline for you! I would urge you to come and visit our Department and we will be more than happy to share with you our study and learning experience.

Mustafa Muklhlis 

Head of Architecture Engineering