About Department

Business and Management Department aims at training and raising the individuals with qualification of general knowledge, alertness to the challenges in economics and management, and having the capability to work in any administration in local and/or foreign private sectors. The mission of Business and Management Department is to prepare and graduate students for careers in business, government and non-profit organizations by providing a broad professional education and vocational English.The architectural engineering program provides students with a rich and rigorous foundation in the fields of architectural design, technology, urban design, structure, history and theory, and landscape architecture. The program thus balances the intensity of a theory with technical creativity, imagination; critical thinking it integrates other disciplines.

Why should I select the “Business and Management” Department?

Business Management Studies are among the most popular fields of study at universities worldwide.  Especially, Business Graduates are in high demand in Kurdistan Region, Iraq and even span world.  The Business Management Course at Tishk International University touches on the core areas of Business Management like Leadership, Teamwork, and Marketing Skills. Business Management studies provide diverse career opportunities in public and private sectors such as teaching and media, marketing and those people who built up their own businesses.  Companies from all sectors look for graduates that have great leadership qualities and hold them in high regards, offering them great salaries.

What are the Benefits of the “Business and Management” Department to the Students?

For a Business, it is important to make sure that critical decisions can be taken correctly.  Business management courses teach the subject specific knowledge and skills such as Markets; Customers; Finance; Operations, Business Communication; Human Resources; Information Technology and Business Policy and Strategy, required for handling such decisions that are best suited for the organization.  Business and Management Department provides both managerial and administrative training to prepare you for a range of diversified careers.  With business management studies, one learns to manage people with respect to understanding problems, issues and grievances of the employees, motivating the employees to work better and what each employee can deliver.  Such aspects help the business operations to work efficiently in order to achieve a common goal.  The business management course is designed to develop and improve your existing knowledge and skills in the areas of planning and organizational perspective of administration and also induce leadership qualities.  At Tishk International University, Business and Management Department the righteous option for students to choose and specialize in their elective courses.

What type of opportunities available after graduation from “Business and Management” Department?

Having studied business management, one can attain a job opportunity in any sector of the market.  Business management studies also provide jobs in mid-level and upper-level management positions in various sectors such as banking, fashion, medicine, media, etc.  The field of Business and Management in gaining its popularity in Kurdistan Region, currently universities are offering Graduate Studies as (MBA or MA) in Business and Management, which facilitate Bachelor students to easily continue to upgrade into Masters.

Mission & Vision


We seek to be a leading department, recognized internationally for its quality of educational and professional academics.


Business and Management Department offers academic programs intended to provide a gateway to advanced knowledge for various student groups. We prepare our students for professional career through teaching, research and practice who will contribute to social and economic development of the society.

Future Respective

Graduate with an internationally respected qualification, with advanced knowledge and skills that will set you apart in a competitive job market and provide a pathway to future research or learning.

Graduate with the skills to lead people and projects. During your studies you’ll hear from guest lecturers from industry, examine real-life case studies, and undertake projects, placements and internships with leading businesses.

Benefit from a strong co-curricular program that includes real-world experience in the profession; holistic events to help you stay healthy, engaged and motivated; and national and international mooting competitions.

Program Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes

1- To make graduates demonstrate necessary skills and knowledge to fulfill different positions to serve the department, the university, the business community, academic and other professional organizations, the local & international communities and become future entrepreneurs.
2- To prepare graduates competent in team-building skills, analytical skills, quantitative skills, leadership skills, and soft skills in management and organizations.
3- To make graduates apply critical thinking skills to work efficiently and effectively as a prospective employee or employer after their graduation.
4- To make graduates apply theoretical knowledge practically with an emphasis of working on live case- studies from the industry.
5- To prepare graduates competent in ethical leadership and all ethical aspects related to the business and management profession through specialized courses.
6- To make graduates to show the ability to do research that focus on problems related to local and international organizations.
7- We offer MA/MSc programs to the graduates.



Theoretical: To educate students who have the theoretical and applicable knowledge and proficiency in management sub-disciplines

Practical: To educate entrepreneur that has analytical and evaluating proficiency in the area of management applications.




Conceptual/Cognitive: To learn qualitative and quantitative decision making models in management

Practical: Increasing the application skills on management issues via using decision making, and problem-solving techniques.





Ability to work independently and take responsibility

to work individually, and in the group works, and to have self-confidence for responsibility


Learning Competence

the capability of reaching to the information and data needed, to search databases and other sources of information, the awareness of the importance on learning, to follow the recent developments and issues in management science and technology, and sustainable self-development


Communication and Social Competence

presentation of accumulation in environments such as; congress, conference or seminars, in either native or foreign languages.



Field-based and Professional Competence

to pursue ethics and social responsibility in the works and studies, to be aware of the social and universal aspects of any study, to be aware of the problems of the contemporary era.