About Department

The Department of Banking and Finance is under the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics, the department every year offers students the opportunity to study and to be aware of recent financial and banking systems perused in developed countries. Thus, to do so, the department aims at training and raising the individuals with the qualification of general knowledge, alertness to the challenges in the financial market and issues. The curriculum of the Banking and Finance Department is designed to meet the needed knowledge and skills in the market. The Department of Banking and Finance complies with all rules and regulations issued by the University and Student and Staff Handbooks.

Why should I select the “Banking and Finance” Department?

We strongly suggest/recommend Banking and Finance Department of TIU to all applicants, the rationale behind our suggestion/recommendation is that.
1- To make graduates as professional accountants as per international standards by considering local standards in banking and financial sector.
2- To identify ethical issues associated to banking and finance profession.
3- prepare financial statements according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
4- To apply critical thinking to examine and analyze financial data and effects of differing financial accounting methods on the financial statements.
5- To identify the needs of the various users of financial data and communicate and recommend such data to stakeholders.
6- To apprehend fraud related circumstances and find preventives measures.
7- To discuss current financial and auditing standards and acceptable practices, as well as the impact of audit risk on the engagement.
8- To assess the taxation of individual income and corporate income.
9- To apply appropriate judgment derived from knowledge of accounting, banking and finance theories
10- We offer MA/MSc programs to the graduates.

What are the Benefits of the “Business and Management” Department to the Students?

For a Business, it is important to make sure that critical decisions can be taken correctly.  Business management courses teach the subject specific knowledge and skills such as Markets; Customers; Finance; Operations, Business Communication; Human Resources; Information Technology and Business Policy and Strategy, required for handling such decisions that are best suited for the organization.  Business and Management Department provides both managerial and administrative training to prepare you for a range of diversified careers.  With business management studies, one learns to manage people with respect to understanding problems, issues and grievances of the employees, motivating the employees to work better and what each employee can deliver.  Such aspects help the business operations to work efficiently in order to achieve a common goal.  The business management course is designed to develop and improve your existing knowledge and skills in the areas of planning and organizational perspective of administration and also induce leadership qualities.  At Tishk International University, Business and Management Department the righteous option for students to choose and specialize in their elective courses.

What type of opportunities available after graduation from “Business and Management” Department?

Having studied business management, one can attain a job opportunity in any sector of the market.  Business management studies also provide jobs in mid-level and upper-level management positions in various sectors such as banking, fashion, medicine, media, etc.  The field of Business and Management in gaining its popularity in Kurdistan Region, currently universities are offering Graduate Studies as (MBA or MA) in Business and Management, which facilitate Bachelor students to easily continue to upgrade into Masters.

Mission & Vision


The Department of Banking and Finance derives and reflects its vision from the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics, in order to be the student’s first choice, the department aims to graduate students with latest and practical knowledge concerning financial and banking systems considering the market need in order to contribute to the overall success of the Faculty.


Department of Banking and Finance provide bachelor program to prospective financials and banking employees and managers inside the country and outside the country. The department aim is to provide students the confidence and supports them to think and learn creatively, innovatively and critically.

Future Respective

  • A graduate will be able to plan, organize, manage and control business processes in the bank or in the other financial institutions.
  • A graduate will be able to manage banking products and services, to serve clients.

Program Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. To develop students’ knowledge and critical understanding of theories, concepts and research findings relating to the multidisciplinary fields of banking and Finance.
  2. To give the students the desired skills for a successful career in banks and financial institutions. Some possible careers include: (Banker, Credit analyst, Economist, Financial/economic analyst, Loan officer, insurance agent, investment analyst)
  3. To learn basic concepts of banking and financial science by using modern tools, organize, summarize the economic and financial data.
  4. To know banking and financial institutions products and services and be able to manage them and offer to customers.
  5. To consult customers on bank financing, investment, and risk factors management issues, and questions.
  6. To evaluate the results of the financial state and activity of different types of enterprises.
  7. To perform an empirical academic study, using quantitative and analytical methods.
  8. To make the inspection of decisions in financial activities.