We strongly suggest/recommend Accounting Department of TIU to all applicants, the rationale behind our suggestion/recommendation is that.
1- To make graduates as professional accountants as per international standards by taking local standards as well into consideration.
2- To identify ethical issues associated with the accounting profession.
3- prepare financial statements according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
4- To apply critical thinking to examine and analyze financial data and the effects of differing financial accounting methods on the financial statements.
5- To identify the needs of the various users of accounting data and communicate and recommend such data to stakeholders.
6- To apprehend fraud-related circumstances and find preventives measures.
7- To discuss current auditing standards and acceptable practices, as well as the impact of audit risk on the engagement.
8- To identify the audit process from the engagement planning stage through completion of the audit, as well as the rendering of an audit opinion via the various report options.
9- To apply cost accounting methods to evaluate and project business performance.
10- To assess the taxation of individual income and corporate income.
11- To apply appropriate judgment derived from knowledge of accounting theory, to financial analysis and decision making.
11 We offer MA/MSc programs to the graduates.