National Workshop on Online Investment

The Business and Management Department, Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics at Tishk International University-Sulaimani (TIUS) organized a National Workshop on Business Gap Identification and Investment Risk Diversification, held on November 7th, 2022. During the program, Dr. Hariem of the University of Sulaimani offered deep insights into the complex world of investments through his presentation on “Investment Types and Risk Management.” Complementing Dr. Hariem’s perspective, Mr. Zana from Smart Trader brought to the table his expertise on “Investing in Forex and Risk Diversification.”

The program facilitated discussion sessions, where students and professors could engage in a critical analysis of online investing. These conversations are integral to understanding the rapidly evolving digital finance landscape, as they allow for a comparison of the benefits, such as accessibility and convenience, against the drawbacks.

By addressing both the theoretical and practical aspects of investing, the sessions aimed to equip students with a balanced perspective, vital for navigating the financial markets with prudence and informed decision-making.