On June 23, 25, and 26, 2022, fifth-grade students at Tishk International University’s Faculty of Engineering’s Architectural Engineering Department gave their graduation projects-design final presentations.

Every student designs a new sort of project in fifth grade instead of the same project type with many suggestions like they do in earlier years. This is because graduation projects are meant to be more realistic. In order to have a better grasp of the project, identify the major issues, and be able to discover architectural solutions for them, students need first conduct extensive study and gather data on their project for their graduation thesis. In addition, students should consider many other significant factors during the design process besides function and form, such as the environment, culture, history, identity, way of life, economy, regulations, etc.

In order to not impose restrictions on their creativity and ability, the students were allowed to pick their own projects while supervised by the supervisors. Additionally, this offers the students the chance to showcase their personalities and add their own touches to their designs, which is a crucial component for architects. Finally, a group of jury members—all very accomplished and knowledgeable scholars and architects—evaluated the projects.