Business and Management Department of TIU-Sulaymaniyah has completed the evaluation of the graduation projects of the Business students on the 17th of May, 2022. Approximately, students were working on their projects for 8 months. To the evaluation processes have been supported by the lecturers from the department and 8 professors from 4 different universities. Aim of the collaboration with other universities is to organize a joint conference in the coming year. Dr. Hariem Ahmed, Dr. Najih Samin and Mr. Ranj Taher from University of Sulaymaniyah; Mr. Ako Mohammed from University of Halabja; Mr. Naji Fetah and Ms. Chnar Abdullah from Poly Technik University of Sulaymaniyah; and Mr.  Bzhar Nasradeen and Mr. Sarkhel Mohammed from Charmo University

At the end of the event, lecturers shared their feedback. Students were stressed at the beginning, however, lecturers have encouraged them to continue to succeed in the future. Dr. Taylan, head of the department, wish to hold a meeting in the coming weeks to organize the committee members of the conference.