On Thursday, April 9, 2022, Tishk International University/Sulaimani, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture Department, organized an international workshop in partnership with Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) in Cyprus.

The session was hosted on the TIU campus, and presenters from EMU University participated online via the Zoom platform. The covid-19 epidemic has had a significant impact on improving online education compared to before. As a result, the academics saw this as an opportunity to grow and gain experience organizing academic events between countries.

Our obligation as an architectural department is to improve and appraise the work of architects and architects in our community by raising awareness and identifying the causes of and problems with marketing. This workshop was part of a series on three crucial and successful aspects of evaluating architects’ work, which may be categorized as legislative, academic, and media. So, the workshop was a continuation of last year’s workshop, but this time it focused solely on how Academia and Universities could strengthen architecture marketing while maintaining essential scientific ideas and work ethic.

The event was divided into four sections, each of which featured talks by distinguished academics from both universities:

  1. Market-based learning. By: Mr. Mustafa Mukhlis, from TIU.
  2. Architects’ drawings. By: Asst. Prof. Dr. Seyit Ermiyagil, from EMU.
  3. The role of academia in recognition of architecture/architects. By: Prof. Dr. Yonca Hurol, from EMU.

A Chronological Narrative of Appraising the Role and Work of Architect in Society. By: Dr. Sardar S. Shareef, from TIU.