On April.4.2022 Monday, Tishk International University, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture Department has organized a scientific trip for second stage students for (Grand Boulevard and Sky-Hotel) in Sulaymaniyah.

One of the important subjects that architecture department students’ study during their academic education is “Building Construction Technology” in which they study about modern and local methods of constructing and building designs along with different types of structures, especially because different structures allow the architects to execute or implement creative designs. So, the main goal of the trip was to get the students visit two building with two different structures. One of the projects was constructed with “Shear Wall System” as the other one was “Steel Frame Structure” which is one of the very few examples of steel structure in Sulaymaniyah.

In the trip administration of the projects provide engineers to explain the projects, in detail in a way that students understand better, in many aspects such as the design, construction techniques, solution for sound isolation and thermal heating and cooling systems.