On June 29th, 2021, first-stage students of the Architectural Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering, TIU, presented the final design of their Architect Studio Design Project. The aim of this project is to allow first-year students to apply the basic architectural theories they have learned throughout the year and to prepare them for larger and more complex projects they must design in the senior stages of the program. 

The most important aspects that students developed in this project are the Stages of Project Development Design and the Process of Design, which students practically experimented. Also, since students were unfamiliar with this assignment and had no prior experience, the first step required students to conduct research in the area of the project, and gather related data, which is also a process within the project, known as Data Collection. Once the initial processes were completed, students were asked to develop and identify different design concepts and to gradually build and enhance their projects with the assistance of lecturers. The students were required to build a functional project representing the aesthetic unique touch of the student, and to present it to the examining committee at the end of the year for feedback and guidance. This course provided an opportunity for students to develop their architectural design skills and receive a valuable evaluation from experienced lecturers that would guide them in their upcoming projects.