The Architectural Engineering Department of Tishk International University organized a seminar about designing a hospital project on Thursday 1st March, 2021. The seminar was arranged for 4th grade students, intended to help them understand the essential elements required to develop a good hospital design and discuss the different materials that are important in the construction of each department of the hospital, depending on the function of the room, and its purpose.

The presenter, Mr. Mariwan Ali Aziz, an expert who has participated in constructing many hospitals, explained the main departments of a hospital, such as surgery suite, laboratories, outpatient, and in-patient. He also described the materials that are usually used in these departments, as each one of them have different functions and requirements. Additionally, Mr. Mariwan explained the systems of ventilation, lighting, insulation, cleaning and also discussed a new system used in hospitals nowadays for the process of blood transfer between hospital departments.