On 04 March 2021, Tishk International University Sulaimani branch organized an Online Workshop entitled “International Online Workshop on Consequences of COVID 19 on SME’s: Strategies for Survival” in partnership with University of Sulaimaniyah.  The purpose of this online workshop was to gather experts and academicians all around the world to discuss the consequences of COVID 19 pandemic on the small and medium enterprises. However, it was also aimed to show some opportunities and threats to them along with the suggestions for survival.

There have been more than 250 registrants to the workshop from about 40 countries. The workshop started with the promotional videos of Tishk International University, speech of Dr. Idris Hadi who is the head of board of trustee, and Speech of Dr. Dogan Ozdemir who is the vice president. After the welcome speeches, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Demir opened the and moderated the online workshop sessions.

First Speech was about economic consequences of COVID 19 and suggestions for survival. The keynote speaker of the session was Prof. Dr. Almas Heshmati. He is the lecturer at Jönköping University. After the first session, Assit. Prof. Salima Hamouche presented about COVID-19 and employees’ mental health: stressors, moderators and agenda for organizational actions. She was Canadian working at Canadian University in Dubai. After the second keynote speech, there was a coffee break for fifteen minutes.

After the coffee break, Prof. Dr. Halil Zaim presented the importance of knowledge management in the contemporary business environment. He has been lecturing at American University of the Middle East in Kuwait for years. Last keynote speech was from Prof. Dr. Halil Demirer. He discussed about impact of Covid 19 on the hospitality sector.

There have been very positive feedbacks to the international online workshop and the participants wished it to repeat again. After the online photo capturing, the workshop was ended.

YouTube links of the online workshop records;

  1. Welcome Speech of Dr. Idris Hadi (Head of Board of Trustee of Tishk International University)


2. Keynote Speech I: Prof. Dr. Almas Heshmati “Economic consequences of COVID 19 and suggestions for survival”


3. Keynote Speech II: Assist. Prof. Dr. Salima Hamouche “Impact of Covid 19 on the stress level of employees”


4. Keynote Speech III: Prof. Dr. Halil Zaim “Knowledge management practices in SMEs after COVID 19”


5. Keynote Speech IV: Prof. Dr. Halil Demirer “Impact of COVID 19 on the hospitality sector”