On 15 February 2021, Tishk International University, Sulaimani and Raparin University organized a workshop entitled “Facing the Job Crisis among Engineers and Future Challenges Workshop” at Tishk University Sulaimani campus. The purpose of this workshop was to gather experts and academicians to discuss problems related with the capacity of the skilled job candidates (HCD), problems faced on the construction sites, new trends that can be discovered in the job markets, job and study opportunities abroad and the outcome of the research (job crisis due to Covid-19) will be shared with the audience.

The workshop started with a welcoming speech by vice president of Tishk University Dr. Dogan Ozdemir, and after that both head of civil engineering departments from Tishk International University and Raparin University welcomed the guests and explained the importance of such workshops and scientific collaborations and then the workshop divided into two sessions.

The first started with a presentation entitled “Requirements that the market and industry needs from the Job candidates” by Dr. Bakhtyar Kamal Talabani followed by two more presentation by Mr. Hasty Shwan entitled “Basics in Photogrammetry, Reality Capture, 3D Mapping, BIM2CAD, VR/AR applications” And Mr. Zana Jalal Tahir about “Introducing the importance of pursuing a professional career in the USA, and the impact of such a career on individual and societal levels for the Kurdistan region”. After a coffee break the second session started with two more presentation by   Mr. Araz Ahmed Hamza entitled “Problems faced on the construction sites, specifically for the fresh graduates”, and Glena Nooraddin & Tavi Smko entitled “Job Crisis due to covid-19”. The participation was either live in campus and through zoom platform.

At the end of the workshop certificate of presentation was presented to the speakers.